Means to an end

All that I know is that my world is different now...

I entered into life not knowing who I am
But through experiences came to understand
The lessons they say to learn I don’t recommend
There must be a better way
Show me a means to an end
To an end of the blame

When I reflect upon my time and what I’ve done
The roads that I have taken, all that I’ve become
I wonder did I choose well? Did I make amends?
Or did I, I compromise
Choosing a means to an end
To an end of the same

Pay attention, what I offer here is for reflection
You can question the intention
but its only one of education
in the purest way, in the purest way, that I know

They say you need a purpose; say you need a plan
And yet life can’t be scripted, fate can deal a hand
For those who, who know it all - sorry to offend
You need to, to realise
Only one means to an end
To an end of the game