Stills from The Dictum -  a look at the human condition.

Is the human species responsible for itself?


Universal Themes affect us all and yet none of us really understands why. The enlightened have suggested that we were all separated from Source at birth. Is this the reason why the singular being seeks to attach to the collective consciousness? Possibly. And as a species there is definitely shared behaviour. 

It is said that we are hardwired for love and yet often Love Gets In The Way. We confuse addiction to another for enlightened attraction and are then subsumed by the experience. 

Did I Ever Tell You is a question often asked by those seeking to validate their own narrative? But the self only ever seems to identify with form. Grind Against My Thigh is something the self- more commonly referred to as the ego- would say. That is because the ego operates through form; seeking the instant gratification that is sensorial feedback. 

When the ego says ‘I Can’t Commit To This Love’ what is really being articulated is fear. ‘I can’t love you’ because it’s not possible to outwardly manifest that which I withhold from myself. 

Well-being is not borne of deficient self-acceptance. Somewhere Deep Inside Of Me I have always known this. In order to be whole one must love from a place of compassion. As so few of us know how to do this, I single out The Brazilians I Love as an example of passion with little artifice. When one (as they do) lives in the moment, and with great gusto, there are often glimpses of insight. 

O Mother Of Mine what would you say if you were reading this? ‘Never question authority’ was your motto. But NOT to question is the greatest sacrilege! Species decimation is occurring because of it. 

Consciousness, Wherever You Are In The Universe Tonight, let us be privy to that which you offer. As a global community we are at a crucial juncture and our survival depends on how we respond. Greed is no longer sustainable. 

You, we, I Provide The Enemy to our own survival. Historically, when an offender, has threatened the equilibrium of the planet, then the living organism, Gaia, removes it. That threat is now us. There is no Means To An End outside of ourselves. We are the tools that we seek and need to collectively embrace the notion of a sustainable humanity. 

This is just rhetoric unless we heed the message and become accountable (as individuals) for a paradigm shift. That is as much a matter for you as it is A Matter For Me

Mason PM.