The Brazilians I love

The Brazilians I love for the way that they feel
They relinquish control when they offer their soul
with a passionate zeal

The Brazilians I love, there’s a look in their eyes
A desire to tease that is born of a need
to delight and surprise

This is a story, a story of love
Fantasy's never enough

Come steal my heart, come take whatever you think you need
It’s all on offer, Its no bother, even give a warranty
That’s the way I am and that’s the way I prefer to be
I love affection, not to mention sexual opportunity

The Brazilians I love for they dance so divine
and seduce at a glance with no thought of romance
They're just passing the time

The Brazilians I love for they do as they please
No such thing as regrets, you won’t hear them obsess
So relaxed and at ease

All this love, driven by attraction
All this love, driven by the need for more
Some say love, needs a course of action
I say love, something that you best explore