Grind against my thigh

Ev'ry now and then I find I yearn for some one who will grind against my thigh
Some one who’s forward and who’s brazen likes a volatile occasion and how
If you know someone inclined to want to step right up and grind Against my thigh
I give you my permission, go ahead and share my vision right now

Right now, Right now, RIGHT NOW

Do we need the rules defined before you circle in and grind against my thigh?
And should we chat about behaviour to determine what’s appropriate now?
Cause the one thing on my mind is that you’ll sidle up and grind against my thigh
I need that self-expression to alleviate the tension and how

And how, and how, AND HOW

What I’m seeking is some entertainment
Had enough of love
I’d prefer we had our own arrangement
Below and not above

For my needs right now are incidental
No need to engage
Don’t be offering me existential
I’m on a diff’rent page