Did I ever tell you?

Did I ever tell you It doesn't matter who you love?
There is no wrath from up above us
No one can take that away
Feelings you have they can stay

Did I ever tell you there is hope in ev'ry moment?
Now that your soul it has awoken
You can begin to move on
Seek where it is you belong

There is no reason for hate
You’re no genetic mistake, you’re alright
And though you bleed like the rest
You’re not supposed to confess what you like
Well who are they to denounce
And so the seeds of their doubt In your mind
You have a right to be here, part of the grand design

Did I ever tell you There is no need to live a lie?
You're free to stand right here beside me
Gathered as one we are strong
Able to right what is wrong

Live by the bias
beliefs that divide us
can also unite us
if given a say

We all share a species
but not ev'ry one sees
the need to be one means
love at the end of the day